Practice Areas



The world is becoming ever more depended on energy for everyday activities. Recent years have seen a shift from fossil to renewal and now in the quest to achieve a sustainable approach for the future, governments are pursuing a blended strategy to enable them to achieve their goals. Our experience at BrethertonDay similarly follows the pattern and today we can boast experience of both the traditional and renewable (waste, solar, wind, hydro, tidal) energy markets with an extensive global network of talent.


Quality of infrastructure in a country impacts on quality of life. Transportation, power and communications define a country and its place in the global economy. Our network in this market focuses on a candidates ability to deliver consistent high quality, on time and within budget. BrethertonDay have placed candidates that have won and delivered some of the largest projects in the world. There is a very high demand for quality in this market which BrethertonDay has consistently delivered.


The extractive industry consists of any operations that remove metals, mineral and aggregates from the earth. When well-managed, solid mineral and hydrocarbon resources offer a real opportunity for such countries to achieve sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty. The landscape of the extractive industry has changed significantly over the last decade. The technology and processes used have advanced significantly. We have kept ahead of market developments and tracked the talent pool accordingly. With such a rapidly developing market it is essential to balance credibility and experience with the willingness to embrace new technology. Our network in the extractive markets balances youth and enthusiasm against a track record of successful delivery.BrethertonDay has a demonstrable track record of delivering extractive assignments on a global basis.


Historically the back bone of modern nations, this sector takes the output of the primary sector (extractive) and manufactures into finished products. These are then either exported or sold to domestic consumers and to places where they are suitable for use by other businesses. This sector is often divided into light industry and heavy industry. Recent years have seen a shift to low cost emerging markets and the outsourcing of manufacturing with a large portion of R&D retained in the business origin, however increased costs and concerns over quality have seen a rebalancing of this trend. We have successfully delivered assignments into packaging (soft, flexible, hard), metals and manufacturing both in developed countries and emerging markets and resultantly have knowledge of the global talent pool and competitive market.

Financial Services

Focused on consumer finance, insurance and investment banking, our Financial Services Practice Group works in both mature and emerging markets with a focus on strategic, complex assignments including searches for CEOs and board members, senior executives and specialists. We also work with Financial Services companies to appraise and develop their current talent and to optimize executive team performance and results.BrethertonDay has a successful track record of delivering board level, head of divisions/department candidates into both small, privately owned SME’s as well as large Blue chip organisations.

Professional/Business Services

For services organizations, human capital is the single most important source of competitive advantage. The quality of the service offering, and therefore the potential for top-line growth and bottom-line profitability, first and foremost is driven by attracting and developing truly excellent people with the right experience, competencies, passion and culture fit.​


As innovations continue to saturate all aspects of our society, companies race to gain a competitive edge by utilizing digital platforms at a rapid pace. As companies deploy more progressive strategies, the need to hire digital leaders outside of their primary markets becomes a necessity. While this strategy certainly brings more advanced thought leadership and market savvy, it comes with potential risks. Best-in-class digital leaders bring a track record of success and market credibility with them and BrethertonDay’s innovative approach aligns us and helps our clients identify, reach and secure these individuals.

Functional Areas

The functional areas of Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology have many nuances and require a deep and specific knowledge of the discipline. Our functional experts work closely with the sector leads to ensure our clients get both an expert in the discipline and an expert in their sector therefore maximising the effectiveness of the hiring process.